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On the occasion of the worldwide sale, Unity is launching up to 90% off the most popular assets.
Discounts will start to operate today in limited quantities. The first ones who dare to buy assets will receive a 90% discount, after which the discount will decrease to 80%, 70% until it drops to 50% (50% discount will be fixed throughout the sale). New offers will appear every 3 hours. Hurry up to buy the juiciest sets!




POLYGON Dungeon Realms – Low Poly 3D Art by Synty – Excellent scenery of gnome dungeons with characters of treasures and enemies. Make your Lord of the Rings 🙂

POLYGON Pirates – Low Poly 3D Art by Synty – Doesn’t fit Lord of the Rings, make your game Pirates of the Caribbean style. Sets of characters, ships, buildings and surroundings of islands for ridiculous money

Animancer Pro – Tired of writing animation controllers? This asset will help simplify the work with animations and launch them simply from scripts.

CCG Kit – Time to write your Hearthstone! Take this asset to create card games and you can come up with many different games based on it. Card games are never outdated classics

Dungeon Architect – Procedural generation of dungeons. What could be better for another rogue like

Expanse – Volumetric Skies, Clouds, and Atmospheres in HDRP – Dynamic weather will help immerse the player in a foggy albion or desert with a scorching sun. Beautiful sunsets and sunrises are what you need 🙂

Fantastic City Generator – Want a bagel in the modern world? The city generator is perfect for this purpose. Create megacities in a couple of clicks

Low Poly Terrain – Polaris 2021 – A chic tool for creating low poly spaces.

Match 3 Sweet Sugar and POP BLOCKS Puzzle Game Kit – Complete generators for creating match 3 games

Medieval Kingdom UI – Medieval diablo-style interface. Decorate your action RPG or economic strategy game

Modern Loft Full Pack – A set for creating loft rooms. Suitable for both games and presentations or interactive backgrounds

Pro Radar Builder – An excellent minimap with a bunch of useful functionality. A great addition to stealth based games like The Hitman

RPG Character Mecanim Animation Pack – A large set of animations. Various types of weapons and types of attacks. There are never too many animations 🙂

Total Music Collection – Add ambiance to your games with a huge collection of sounds and music of different genres and styles

UFE 2 SOURCE – An excellent framework for creating fighting games. Maximum build, great documentation, good community. Perhaps you will create a new MK

This is just the first wave of discounts. More than 27 packs are now available and will be added every 3 hours
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