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Good news!

There are now discounts from animation creators. You can purchase the animations you need at a 50% discount and get a free set of your choice.
Sold as animations for various weapons: Single Sword, Great Sword, Bow, Two Swords, Spear, etc…
and normal everyday animations for peaceful NPCs.

For example, one of the gifts is crafting animations. They are great for simulating city life, for crafting mechanics in your game, or for animating your builders in strategy.

If you want to make a cool combat like in Sekiro, then a set of animation with a sword is suitable for you

Not sure what to choose? Take a basic animation set, it will work in any situation.

The promotion will last until: 15/08/21

50% off character animation assets
Save on character animation assets from Kevin Iglesias, Explosive, and wemakethegame, now through August 15.

Also, don’t forget that the final Summer Sale is taking place right now:

Good luck with game development)))

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