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Unity gives a 50% discount on assets. Hurry up to have time to buy new assets for your game. For example, I bought myself such an asset.

It is great for creating battle arenas like in Pubg or for creating an interesting mission in a single player game. If you already have the main asset (Invector), then you can save great on this addon.

Also participating in the sale is a fan asset that adds functionality to the invector to create an RPG. Vendors, statistics, mana, skills and much more. This is a great way to save yourself time developing this functionality.

The next asset is a fully built operating system. Perfect for creating quests related to investigations on the network, developing tasks related to theft of data. It is also perfect for a stylized main menu or individual UI components.

And one of my favorites is the stage asset optimizer. This is a very useful utility that helps you optimize the content in your scene to get the best performance.


Follow the link below and find for yourself what you have long wanted to get.
Good luck

Author:  Updated 6 months ago

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