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The second week of sale in Unity store has started

Let me remind you that the unit is holding the summer sale in several stages.
Here’s the sales plan:

  1. Week 3: 3D Game – July 6 – July 12, 2021
  2. Week 4: Fantasy Game – July 13 – July 19, 2021
  3. Week 5: Sci-Fi Game- July 20 – July 26, 2021
  4. Week 6: Dream Project – July 27 – August 9, 2021

Top assets of this week in my opinion:

TopDown Engine

This asset is a great template for creating Top Down Games. It can be like an old-school RPG, Hotline Miami-style shooter or Isaac-style Rogue-like. Inside there is already everything you need to move the character, inventory, choice of weapons, etc. There are also examples of different types of games, you can find what you like and build on the demo scene. The kit also contains examples of AI, destructible objects, 2D and 3c scenes. This asset is great for beginners and has very good support and community.

Dialogue System for Unity

This asset is one of those that needs no introduction. The dialogue system is one of the components of many games. Disco Elysium was built on this asset. The asset has very good documentation and a set of examples that will allow you to quickly start developing. One very important plus is the additional save plugin. This plugin allows you to save and load not only general data and dialogues but also quest chains, inventory, player position and much more. Personally, thanks to this plugin, I implement transitions from the global map to rooms and between rooms. The package additionally includes the ability to create quests (although this publisher has a separate asset for this). It is very convenient to bind various actions to answers in dialogues or to a specific moment in cut scenes. Yes, you understand correctly, this asset is also suitable for creating cut scenes. With its help, you can control the movement of the camera during dialogues and trigger various actions on the scene at the right time. As a whole, the plugin is completely self-contained and you can create visual novels on it at no extra cost. Create linear dialogues or passionate discussions with this awesome asset.

2D/3D Paint

Quite an interesting asset that allows you to draw on 3D objects. This is a great solution for creating mobile games for painting cars or objects, coloring books for children or games about graffiti. There is support for VR that allows users to show maximum creative freedom. The developers promise long-term support for this asset, which is good news.

Mantis LOD Editor – Professional Edition

A tool that I personally have been using for a long time. It allows you to dynamically create different Lods for your models, which allows you to significantly optimize your games for mobile platforms or for large open spaces. Just a couple of steps and you have an excellent optimized model, magic)

Sensor Toolkit

This asset gives eyes to your characters and objects) The sensor system can detect various objects within the radius of the character as well as enemies and, in principle, anything. You can create both a regular cone of view and an area in which objects will be defined. In addition, you can configure whether the rays can pass through objects or if you need a line of sight. This asset is great for creating security cameras that trigger alarms, to highlight objects in quests when approaching. For shooters, I think this is a great asset since they often use beams for both shooting and Ai. For example, I implemented with the help of this plug-in a camera for a stealth level, automatic shooting at enemies that are in sight and hitting various extremities. Yes, this asset allows you to hang tags on various limbs of enemies and help in registering hits or visibility of these tags. For example, you can implement a shooting system like in Fallout

In conclusion, I will say that I described those assets with which I worked or with which I worked with analogues. There are both animations for fighting games and entire assets for their creation. But unfortunately I did not work with them. So everything I described above is just my subjective point of view. For example, I bought some of these assets at a full price and did not regret it, but it would be great if there were such great discounts at that time)))

The promotion runs until July 5th so hurry up

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